Precise controlled tightening

100% inspection during the assembly process

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    Data archiving

    Up to 50,000 records, individual cycle tightening statistics, tightening curve.

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    Tightening strategy

    To torque, angle, yield, pre-drilling torque, etc.

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    Alarm setting options

    Used to monitor deviations in the required tightening "window" or regular maintenance notifications.

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    Human error elimination

    For example, with forgotten pads or incorrect tightening sequence.

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    Communication protocols

    Extensive possibilities for industrial communication ProfiBus, Open protocol, ProfiNet and others.

Precisely controlled tightening with data archiving

Electric and accumulator tightening via control units is one of the most perfect assembly systems in general. They are not only intended for deployment in series production, but especially where 100%inspection of the tightening method is required, together with recording and evaluation of data. These systems allow tightening of the most complex joints, e.g., with a seal, controlled permission and subsequent tightening, with screw coating effects, with evaluation of poor tolerances or materials used. It is also possible to set up and program multi-spindle tightening using the electric tighteners.

Programmable tightening

The control units allow for full programming of bolted joint tightening. Tightening to torque, angle or limit is naturally included. Furthermore, the unit is able to set the speed and subsequent deceleration before reaching the target, setting the torque for pre-drilling, or setting different strategies for one cycle.

DC – controlled tighteners

Electric tightening spindles are suitable for manual tightening or for semi-automatic or automatic assembly. Ergonomic shape, weight and low noise level of the tighteners will ensure comfortable control throughout the shift. For more precise tightening, the tightening value sensor is located directly inside the tool.


Battery-controlled screwdrivers are user-friendly and are preferred by many companies for their independence from the connecting cable with the control unit. Full programming of up to 8 tightening strategies with a digital torque sensor and angle will guarantee the efficiency of the entire assembly process.

Individual projects

As part of our comprehensive services, KAVON CZ s.r.o. offers individual solutions in the area of pulling as required and specified by the customer.

We alsoensure the implementation of assembly workplaces for various types of industrial activities. We provide warranty and post-warranty servicing for all supplied equipment.