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  • Insulated extensions for EV mounting of high voltage systems

Insulated extensions for EV mounting of high voltage systems

Dear Customers,

our product range is expanding with the highly reliable and high quality APEX power tools.

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Safety first

Apex offers high voltage insulated adapters and high voltage quick couplers that can be used in combination with U-Guard attachments. This adaptable system allows countless combinations to be used, saving you the hassle of installation. But what matters most here is the safety of your work team, the Apex high voltage insulated tool system up to 1000V is here to protect the health and life of your employees.

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Safer tightening in the electric vehicle industry

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Increased safety

Apex® insulated bits and sockets offer reliable current protection up to 1000V, significantly reducing the risks associated with contact with high voltage protection, live components, short circuits and tool earthing.

Reduction of operator injuries

Increase operator safety and minimize lost time caused by the free-running Apex u-GUARD™ covered actuator. These tools effectively reduce or eliminate pinch points, even with gloves on.

Advanced surface protection

Achieve maximum protection and reduce the risk of costly rework on polished and highly sensitive surfaces with Apex u-GUARD™ abrasion guards.

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Apex is used in a wide range of industries:

  • automotive industry
  • aerospace
  • Appliances and electronics
  • industrial assembly
  • agriculture and off-road machinery.

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The complete range will be available on our shop.