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100% inspection during the assembly process

Electric and accumulator tightening via control units is one of the most perfect assembly systems in general. They are not only intended for deployment in series production, but especially where 100% inspection of the tightening method is required, together with recording and evaluation of data.

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Tool store

our stock includes everything you can think of

We have shops in Medlešice and Mladá Boleslav, where you can see the best of our assortment. We will directly help you select a suitable solution, and allow you to try them out.

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we will be happy to advise you

We have been active in the field for more than 30 years and we keep on learning. We pass on this knowledge and experience to our customers through our recommendations and technical solutions.

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repairs under warranty and post-warranty

In our Medlešice facility, we perform the warranty and post-warranty servicing of all the brands we have in our assortment.



Accredited calibration laboratory

We guarantee pre-sale adjustment and calibration of torque wrenches including rotary tools in our accredited laboratory. Calibration of torque tools is carried out on Norbar calibration equipment in accordance with state ČMI standards, the processing of which is supported by a proprietary computer program.

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