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  • We offer wholesale cooperation for shops, eshops, as well as for freelancers
  • We are a traditional supplier of tools for industry and crafts since 1991
  • We offer only the most reliable tools in our portfolio, which are proven by years of use
  • Year-round promotions on selected types of tools at competitive prices
  • B2B approach for our customers



  • A wide range of proven manufacturers we have worked with for over 33 years
  • Technical support
  • We provide two service centres for our complete range of products
  • 3 warehouses within the Czech Republic
  • We deliver products in stock within the next day (for orders placed before 12h)
  • For some manufacturers we keep over 98% of their entire range in stock
  • For online sales we provide our own xml feeds or directly from the manufacturers
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Petr Kárský

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wholesale moravia

Marek Šimko

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Kamenné obchody


Medlešice 139
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Hviezdoslavova 55a
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Naše portfolio

detail CLECO


Cleco is a trusted leader in assembly tools used by leading manufacturers not only in the automotive industry.

detail Hand tools


Stahlwille was founded as early as 1862 in Wuppertal by then-25-year-old Eduard Wille.

detail Pliers and hand tools up to 1,000 V


In our country Knipex  does not really need any introduction, being renowned since the First Republic.

detail Electrical and accumulator tools


One of the largest manufacturers with a very wide supply of electric tools worldwide.

detail Pneumatic tools and tightening systems


Our offer from the huge range of products made by this manufacturer includes pneumatic tools, precise tightening systems, servicing tools and handling equipment that is capable of working in the most difficult conditions.

detail Measuring instruments for construction


The SOLA brand presents  high-quality measuring instrument for the construction industry.

detail Hand tools and bits


Wiha is one of the world's leading manufacturers of hand tools for professional use in industry and crafts.

detail Hole and thread forming technology


A process in which the cone is pushed against the material at high rotation speed.

detail Precision drilling of holes from 0.4-3,000 mm

Big Kaiser

The KAISER tools are backed up by more than 70 years of tradition. From the outset , they have been among the best tools in the world.

detail Everything torque-related


Norbar is exclusively dedicated to the development and production of torque tightening and measuring devices.

detail Torque wrenches and screwdrivers


BMS Ireland, which resides at the westernmost point in Europe, has been leading the way in the field of torque for the last 40 years.

detail Torque wrenches and screwdrivers

Gedore Torqueleader

The family company  GEDORE  (formerly Torqueleader) is one of the world's leading manufacturers of torque measuring tools.

detail Tool cases and pouches

GT Line

The company  is a leading manufacturer of tool cases and pouches, some types of which can even survive being thrown from  second floor.

detail Electromagnetic drills

JEI Solutions

Electromagnetic drills are an indispensable help for the assembly of steel structures, bridges, etc.

detail Hand tools and forged tools


 RENNSTEIG offers various tools and interesting gadgets that will facilitate work in  tool shops, sock shops, tinning shops, but also in construction and related industries.

detail Forged heads and bits


Momento was founded in 1951 with a single clear goal – production of shock heads and accessories.

detail Screw taps and threaded sleeves


 VÖLKEL specialises in thread cutting tools.

detail Pneumatic assembly tools and accessories


Rami Yokota has been a family business managed from the Netherlands since 1896.