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  • KAVON now represents CLECO for the Czech Republic

KAVON now represents CLECO for the Czech Republic

Dear Customers,

We are pleased to offer you a new range of Cleco tools used by the world's leading manufacturers across a variety of industries. Cleco has been on the market for over 100 years and has earned a reputation for quality, reliability and functionality. On assembly lines, Cleco helps increase productivity, control required quality and ensure worker safety.

Cleco is a trusted leader in assembly tools used by leading manufacturers, not only in the automotive industry.

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Cleco CellTek

Cleco introduces CellTek™, the most advanced wireless device designed to enable the smart factory of tomorrow. Its strengths include:

- Connectivity - the most reliable real-time synchronization with manufacturing and engineering challenges.
- Ergonomics - sleek and lightweight for maximum comfort and balance
- Speed - improve production time with the fastest cordless assembly tool in its class
- Accuracy - provides completely safe assembly with best-in-class accuracy and repeatability

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Cleco CellCore

The new CellCore cordless assembly tools are smart, durable and designed to withstand the harshest environments. It puts you in control of your workflow and easily communicates with cordless assembly tools.

- Colored LEDs on the tool for secondary OK/NOK visual feedback
- "Stay alive" feature prevents system reboot and data loss when changing the battery
- Digital encoder and servo on tool provide critical information and eliminate errors
- Easy connectivity via 2.4 and 5.0 GHz Wifi and Bluetooth 4.0
- Accuracy (Cm/Cmk 2.0 @ 10% for quality critical connections)
- Compatible with mPro200 GC, mPro200 GC-AP and mPro400 Family

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Cleco CellClutch

CellClutch™ cordless assembly tools are smart and simple, bringing programmability to your assembly line. Features:

Easily programmable.
Cleco's proven shut-off clutch system - provides unmatched reliability and durability on the production line
Operator status monitoring - color indicator for status and number of batches
Multi-colour LED - work light for secondary "OK/NOK" feedback to the operator as well as illuminating the workpiece
Programmable depletion strategy - eliminates thread damage and errors with programmable speed programs and strategies

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