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  • Ingersoll's new W8001 range of cordless impact wrenches is here

Ingersoll's new W8001 range of cordless impact wrenches is here


These are the most powerful cordless pistol grip impact wrenches on the market. The W8171 and W8191 IQV20™ high torque cordless impact tighteners have over 2,710 Nm of torque and a powerful motor that helps you loosen fasteners up to 33% faster than the competition.

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Different ¾" and 1" quadrants are available. For hard-to-reach fasteners, there are extended lengths of ¾" x 6" and 1" x 6".

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If you need real performance, the new W8001 series is the right choice for you. It boasts over 2,710 Nm of torque. What's more, the powerful motor helps remove fasteners up to 33% faster than competing machines. With the patented control system, you select the desired speed.


Don't want to constantly charge? No problem with the IQV20™ battery platform. You'll get more hours on a single charge.


You'll appreciate the ergonomic handle when you're working, and the fact that the rubberized bumpers give you a firm grip. Plus, this model is lightweight, so working with it will be a breeze.

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Last but not least, you'll appreciate the 360° circular light around the anvil, which gives you perfect visibility from every angle.

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The new product is already on sale - don't hesitate and order this powerful helper today.

Check out the W8171 - 3/4", length 223 mm.

Model W8571 - 3/4-6", length 375 mm.

Type 1" with shorter length W8191 - 1", length 223 mm.

Worn extensions W8591 - 1-6", length 375 mm.