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  • New INSIGHT QC and INSIGHT QCX control units by Ingersoll Rand

New INSIGHT QC and INSIGHT QCX control units by Ingersoll Rand


The new control units have undergone a significant change in terms of functionality as well as design. 7" touch display ensures easy control of the control unit to the full extent of programming. They allow setup of up to 256 tightening programs and 256 program groups. Each program (Pset) contains 31 tightening strategy steps.

The programming software has a web interface, eliminating unit PC dependence and allowing full programming capability with any device on which an Internet browser can be operated, including smartphones, tablets or computers. INSIGHT qc and INSIGHT qxc are easily integrated into the production line, providing integrated logic controls for flexible, simple and fast control.

  • Intuitive visual programming interface
  • Plug & Play accessories and protocols
  • Backward compatibility
  • Integrated backup and restoration
  • Custom controllers
  • Integrated Help for each programming step

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  • PC with software is not required – programming takes place in any web interface
  • Software is updated online
  • The control units are in  Czech
  • 7" durable touch display
  • Removable SSD disk with unit settings – in case of a malfunction, you will not lose settings
  • Very simple and intuitive user control
  • The wireless version of INSIGHT qcx features a built-in Wi-Fi module

The best (natural) carry over functions:

Advanced tightening strategies and functions, cutting-edge storage of cycle data, system protocols, on-board diagnostics, integrated statistical process checks, preventive maintenance alarms, configurable e-mail alerts.

Optional accessories such as barcode readers, socket boxes, USB-series adaptors, IO box and light towers, etc.

KAVON CZ s.r.o. nabízí individuální řešení v oblasti szahování dle přání a specifikace zákazníka

The new generation of Makita tools XGT is here!

XGT® is a completely new system with its own machines, accumulators and chargers.


XGT® is a completely new system with its own machines, accumulators and chargers. The combination of the innovative machine shape together with very high battery output offers optimal solutions for the most demanding industrial applications.

XGT® accumulators supply power of 40 V, i.e., twice as high as 18 V LXTaccumulators, which is the most popular battery system in our market. This means that, when working with the XGT series machines, users have significantly greater independence from electricity sources.

The XGT® series comes with a new digital communication system between the machine and the accumulator. The new battery technology and new engine design together offer an entirely optimal performance. The machines of the XGT” series are therefore ready to meet the most demanding requirements, which are based on current and future industrial applications.



The XGT® batteries have a special, highly durable design. They feature a triple protective layer against moisture and a new insulation against short circuit contacts. Due to their high dust and water resistance, they can even be used under the most difficult conditions.

Accumulators are also equipped with packaging that guarantees the high impact resistance of the cells. The new form of the cap guarantees reliable connection of the machine and accumulator even during maximum deployment.

Quick and reliable charging system

The new 40 V Max system allows very fast charging: the charging time of the 2.5 Ah accumulator is 28 min, and the 4.0 Ah is 45 min. The accumulators have 4 LED indicators displaying the state of charge. Using the adapter, it is possible to charge the LXT batteries on XGT chargers.



The innovative design of the machines, together with the high output of batteries and digital communication, makes the XGT® system the most popular of the required range of machines with extreme performance on our market. This confirms the position of Makita as the leader of the accumulator power tool market. Many of the XGT® machines are a reliable solution for the future of the car tool.